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Our business remains open. We are here to serve you in the wake of COVID-19. Subscribe to our Newsletter for updates.
Our business remains open. Subscribe to our Newsletter for updates.

Micro-Electronics is able to provide many filtration and purification solutions for semi-conductors and the microelectronics industry.  In some processes, a few uncollected particles can have serious consequences.

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Below is just a small list of applications we can supply:

  • CMP Slurry Filtration
  • Ultra Pure Water (UPW)
  • De-Ionized (DI) Water
  • Aggressive Chemicals Filtration
  • Capsule & Mini-Filters
  • High Purity Gas
  • Clean Room Air Filters
  • PTFE Felt Filter Bag Bag Filter -

    PTFE Felt Filter Bag PTFE felt bags are made with the highest quality of materials which eliminate the chance of contamination through the filter bag....

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