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Our business remains open. Subscribe to our Newsletter for updates.

Big Bubba Pleated Filter Cartridge

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SKU BBC-150-P5

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Filter cartridge to be used with the Big Bubba filter housing.  Recommended for typical water filtration applications to remove sediment, hard solids and when high efficiency is required. 

BBC-150-P1        1 micron  Nominal      Pleated Polypropylene Media
BBC-150-P5        5 micron  Nominal      Pleated Polypropylene Media
BBC-150-P20      20 micron Nominal     Pleated Polyester Media 
BBC-150-P50      50 micron Nominal     Pleated Polyester Media

  • Industrial applications for chemical compatibility.
  • Pre-filtration for reverse osmosis.
  • Community water systems for cyst reduction.
  • Sea water filtration (for non corrosion).
  • Whole house filtration for chlorine, taste, odor and sediment reduction.